The Mural

<< Angels taking our flag to heaven

Towards Varela's right side you see the majestic Turquino Peak, the highest point in Cuba. From its summit, two angels finish up the mural taking our flag to heaven. It represents the offering of the people of Cuba, in their five centuries of existence, of their happiness and sorrow, of their successes and failures, but with their faith placed in the One that can do all things. As if they were contemplating this beautiful scene, I have placed Narciso López and under him Perucho Figueredo, with phrases of our national anthem among the fires that destroy Bayamo.

Bishop Boza >>

I started and finished with a seascape and I placed the Virgin over the waters of the Nipe Bay that I saw so many times as a child. The sea, as Bishop Boza says, could be very dangerous during a storm. The Spanish people defied danger when they came to Cuba, and it is the same danger the Cubans face when they go into exile through the same waters that separate Cuba from the Shrine. I painted Bishop Boza Masvidal in the same seascape to reflect how he has lived that same painful period of our history. But I would like to leave a message of hope in the contents of the mural that tells us how the Virgin teaches us how to win over the obstacles. As she appears over the waters in Oriente, she invites us to reflect. She offers us triumph over adversity, as we embrace the same Jesus Christ that calmed the stormy waters and helped the apostles' boat to continue on until it reached land safely.

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