The Mural

<< Máximo Gómez, Antonio Maceo, and Calixto García

Close to Martí, I have placed General Máximo Gómez with his faithful wife that was always by his side, and is a role model as a wife and patriot; also there you can find our great Antonio Maceo with Calixto García. I have also presented Mariana Grajales and her great gesture, which no Cuban should ever forget: she called her sons and, showing them a crucifix, asked them to give their lives for Cuba as the Lord had given His life for humanity.

Holy Father Pablo VI >>

From our republican period, I wanted to represent our first president as a symbol of our glorious republic, with the flag flying at El Morro Castle. Our shield takes its color from the waters of Nipe Bay, and coming from it you can see the hand of Cuba asking for help from the free world. I have included the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of that neighboring country that so gloriously achieved its independence two centuries ago.

I have represented our Holy Father Paul VI, who presently leads our Church, with the respect and admiration of our veterans, the ones that asked Pope Benedict XV to proclaim Our Lady of Charity as patroness of Cuba. I have placed the pontiff next to the National Sanctuary of El Cobre and close to Jesús Rabí, one of the 200 veterans that made the request to the pope.

<< Moralito and Don Pepe de color

On Varela's right I have represented Moralito, that great fighter from Pinar del Río that made Máximo Gómez think of him as a possible president if Martí were to die. That "mambí" died very early in the country side, but his memory was unforgettable.

On the left I have placed "Don Pepe de color," the great teacher that helped to prepare great men such as Juan Gualberto Gómez at his school "Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados."

In the top section, behind Varela, there are two Cuban landscapes. On the left, the towers from the cathedrals of the Cuban archdioceses: Santiago de Cuba and Havana, lighthouses of faith. Next to them, you can find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that was at Matanzas Park.