The Mural

<< Father Varela and Bishops Compostela, Valdés, and Espada

In the upper section I have represented Father Varela, of whom Luz y Caballero said that he taught us to think. I have painted him at his work desk, because Varela is the teacher that enlightened our people with his message. Of course, I have remembered many others, such as Bishops Compostela, Valdés, and Espada, who contributed so much to our culture, in addition to their exemplary lives. Before Varela, I placed Father Caballero, his mentor, since he was the one that, with his Philosophy teachings, inspired Varela. On Father Varela's table you can find an open Bible. Who can doubt that the book that touched his heart the most is the Holy Scripture? The ideas of liberty that he communicated to his pupils will always be the fruits of this book. Varela taught Saco and Luz, and he in turn taught Rafael María Mendive, who taught the Apostle Martí. Who can doubt, when reading the verses of "La Rosa Blanca" (The White Rose), that the teachings of the one who lived 30 years of exile in the United States for Cuba's freedom, the one that wrote "El Habanero," first document that calls for liberty, had a vast influence in Martí?

Céspedes, Aguilera, and Agramonte >>

I have been very careful to place the great teachers next to each other, because their lines of thought inspired the fight in 1868, and this is why Céspedes, Aguilera, and Agramonte appear in a very lively scene.