The Mural

<< Christopher Columbus

History begins with the arrival of Christopher Columbus, and, with him, the arrival of the faith. A friar follows the Admiral with a rosary in his hand as a symbol of this message.

Father Las Casas >>

The mural continues with the Cueba tribe in the first Cuban temple dedicated to the Virgin by our natives. Father Las Casas appears contemplating Her in the mystic hovel.

<< Father Miguel Velázquez

It continues with the first Cuban priest, musician, and teacher, Father Miguel Velázquez, and in the same section the apparition of the Virgin to the young girl Apolonia, and the first Sanctuary of El Cobre built in the same hill where the National Sanctuary stands today.

<< The Franciscan Fathers

Since the beginning, Cuba shared its faith with others. The Franciscan Fathers of Santa Elena, which had their formation home in Havana, sent missionaries to Florida.

I represent San Agustín Square and two of our martyrs: Father Luis Sánchez and Tiburcio Osorio, who offered their lives for Floridian natives. Then I have Cuban bishops in Florida: Dionisio Recino Morel de Santa Cruz y Peñalver. After that, the first teacher in Florida in the San Agustín school, Francisco Traconis from Santiago de Cuba. I have also represented some of our wise men: Arango y Parreño, Romay, and Finlay. I did not forget the great Spaniard Don Luis de las Casas.