Offering to the Shrine


Holy Door of Mercy for forgiveness

Conditions to Gain the Jubilee Indulgence:

  1. Sacramental confession of sins
  2. Receive the Holy Eucharist
  3. Pray for the intentions of the Pope

Having fulfilled the 3 above named conditions it is also possible to gain the Jubilee indulgence by performing one of the following works of mercy, established for this Jubilee:

  • Works of piety: Either make a pious pilgrimage to a Jubilee place or make a pious visit to one of those places Or participate in Eucharistic adoration, or pray the Rosary or the stations of the cross.
  • Works of mercy or charity: Either visit for a suitable time your brothers or sisters in need or in difficulty (the sick, the imprisoned, the elderly living alone, the handicapped, etc.), as if making a pilgrimage to Christ present in them; or support by a significant contribution works of a religious or social nature (for the benefit of abandoned children, young people in trouble, the elderly in need, foreigners in various countries seeking better living conditions); - or devote a suitable part of personal free time to activities benefiting the community or other similar forms of personal sacrifice.
  • Acts of penance Either abstain from unnecessary consumption (smoking, alcohol, etc.); or fast, or abstain from a favorite food, and donate a proportionate sum of money to the poor

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Year Of Mercy

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Biography of Bishop Agustin Roman

Request a copy of the Biography of Bishop Agustin Roman, "Pastor Prophet Patriarch".

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